We stand for the idea the only trend you have to follow is your own freedom. We want you to feel free to be what you really are, independently of modisms and "brandisms" MAZ stores you are free to create your unique pair of MAZ by mixing shoe laces and shoe parts - and we have so many combinations that it's impossible not to find the real you. For us, FREEDOM IS YOUR TRADEMARK.


Our shoes are amazingly flexible and we also believe in flexibility as a lifestyle and a message we stand for, adding humanitary values such as tolerance, altruism and celebration of diferences. Flexibility leads to comprehension and acceptance of others, and consequently leads to lightness as well..if you don't judge you're never heavy, if you're flexible you're consequently light...


Lightness is the main characteristic of our shoes, but also the central idea of what MAZ stands for and believes in. We think of lightness with an intentional double sense, praising it as the lightness of the soul and of the spirit, first and foremost. In the opposite way of all the stressing status quo of the planet, the message searches the roots of spirituality, and of all the philosophy of altruism, tolerance and connection.


If you're light and free you 're consequently fun, and fun has always been in MAZ DNA. We wanna PUT SOME COLOR IN YOUR LIFE through lightness, freedom, flexibility and spirit evolution.


We believe that to be really stylish you first need to be FREE. Free to create your own style, innovating and setting trends.. Fashion is about tendencies but real style is about being yourself, and we want you to leave our stores with the perfect expression of what you really are - Welcome to MAZWORLD!


Innovation is also in MAZ DNA, and MAZ has always been in the avant-guarde of fashion, releasing revolutionary unique shoes and setting trends - this is part of who we are and will always be present in every new collection. We are also in the avant-guarde of international scientific research, which brings ample evidence of the benefits of the flat soles. MAZ shoes were carefully designed to re-create the healthiest most natural barefoot sensation combined with all the protection that you need.